"Star Academy": Gregory Charles in the service of academics

Each week, with different numbers and guests, educators work harder to deliver the Variety of “Star Academy”. The authors are also involved in the same marathon, especially with Gregory Charles working on all the songs for production numbers and dangers.

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Since there is nothing older than the previous day’s show, as he wants to be reminded, Gregory Charles quickly moves on to something else. Source, a few hours after rehearsing a mix with academics, we contacted him by phone in Florida, where he performed two shows before returning to Variety on Sunday.

If it’s too early to pick up the season, the academy’s singing teacher is pleased to see that all the academics have worked hard from the beginning.

“They all need more learning because they’re not doing it on a daily basis in their lives.

  • Listen to a quote from Star Academy’s Content Producer Emily Fournier on QUB Radio:

An enormous job

Holding a Variety Show every week not only pushes them to work, but above all to speed up their learning.

“The general public does not know this, but the chain of decisions in a project like this is long. I can sometimes come up with 13 or 14 versions of a problem, which means things change at all levels, and at the end of the day, educators need to learn quickly and return quickly.

The entire production team assigns an enormous amount of work to each magazine. Even if they have established in advance that such an educator will sing such a song with such a guest, they will not be subject to change due to an unforeseen event, a voice standing on the road or in some other way.

“It’s like a ‘Colombo’ trial,” Gregory teased. We know what the outcome will be, but we do not know with whom. You have to put faces to tasks, but you can fail with the sound of a voice that will turn things upside down.

The choices were discussed

This season, especially after the hasty departure of Audrey-Louis, the authors have been subjected to numerous questions from the public. Gregory Charles welcomes this consensus shortcoming.

“It’s a proof that we do not play sports. It’s an art. I find it healthy that not everyone agrees with our preferences. We sometimes disagree with each other.”

Teachers, on the other hand, have full confidence in each other. They may have different visions, but they will always come to an agreement at the end.

“The difference with the public is that we meet academics every day,” he stressed. We work with them and need to know them differently from the general public.

As for the slanders, the authors’ favorites push more than the others, and Gregory Charles is fun. “Very honestly, I have no likes or dislikes. My goal is to find a way for them to progress with them. I think I ‘work’. Our most important compliments came from academics. There is a high level of trust between them and me. I work with them on choosing their song. , They find that I always try to figure out what works best for them.

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