January 30, 2023


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Star Academy: Govt-19 attacks another candidate

Star Academy: Govt-19 attacks another candidate

Although they were cut off from the outside world, Star Academy’s candidates did not recover from the Covit-19 illness, so the second candidate was finally absent from Mells Studio’s boards on Sunday evening due to a virus. .

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After Eloi, Olivier was infected and isolated from the virus, the product was announced Sunday morning.

“Oliver is fine and is now isolated at the academy. The variety of this evening has not been compromised, but Olivier will not be able to attend. We will attend live from him at Waterloo,” the show’s Facebook page said.

Olivier’s contamination was discovered following the announcement of Eloin’s case and daily tests of all competitors.

In addition, the latter, one of the candidates at risk this week, will have to defend his place on the show by hosting a live telecast live from the academy in Waterloo.

Assured that the product takes the situation seriously. “Sanitary measures are very strict and the production team strictly adheres to the standards currently required for CNESST.”

This is the second collision of the Govt-19 wave among the VAT payers. Last January, in the middle of the fifth wave, many candidates had to postpone the start of the reality TV season before entering the academy.

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