"Star Academy": Crystal Mongo, a definite winner

Crystal Monkow was still in the cloud nine the day after the final Star Academy Who crowned her as the biggest winner of the 2022 season. If she finds it difficult to realize how far she has come, she knows very well that she wants to compose music for her career.

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At every danger of the season, Crystal Eloy was in contention against Cummings, and each time, the young model was saved by the public. But the Sherbrook singer never gave up, even to the finals.

“Going to the finals is already a gift,” he said in an interview on Monday morning. Star Academy. “

When her name was announced by Laura Fabian on Sunday evening, she felt a great deal of love that had done her good and destroyed the many sacrifices she had made, especially in the family, to participate in this experience.

“I was finally able to hug my boyfriend, it was so good for me. My daughter was not there because it was late and I knew I was going to be very busy on Monday. When I go to find her, I’m really going to be. Mom. I want her to make it clear that she’s really back. “

A musical movement

During the adventure Crystal said it over and over again, she loves her country, she asked for it a lot when she was young, and that is what she wants to give to her career in the future.

“I have a lot of inspiration for the new folk style with many voices like Gary Underwood, but in French. There really is nothing in Quebec, it could be my place. Anyway, this is a style that really shocks me. I hope the general public will still be in the meeting and it will not distort what I have shown in my shows. Star Academy. “

It is in this spirit that she envisions her next joint venture with Elo in the winter of 2023. “It’s a little early to talk about this, but Elo and I had the opportunity to” jam “together. Academy. Music is very common to us. Despite his 16 years, he has a detailed knowledge of the history of music and bands of the past. .I think we can find a good balance to put on a very fantastic show. “

A real start

After the start Mixmania4Sung Quebec Issim And attended Voice In 2018, Crystal Mongkow was still wondering if the music industry was actually created for him. His willingness to integrate Star Academy Was a way of confirming his career choices.

“The Time Important in life, I think this time is right. Success gives me the confidence and desire to do this job. It confirms many things to me. But even though I was not successful, participating in this show showed me that I want to spend my life on a stage. This is the only thing that matters to me for my professional future. “

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