"Star Academy": Covid case at the academy

In the last few days, the participant of the “Star Academy” has been announced in favor of Kovit-19. Eloy Cummings, who was in danger at Variety’s view on Sunday, was immediately taken to solitary confinement in a room at Waterloo House.

Producer Jean-Philippe Dion presented an update on the situation with QMI Agency on Saturday.

Over the weekend, Eloy Cummings warned the product that he appeared to have symptoms of COVID-19. In this case, the production protocol is clear, it was tested on the spot and the results are positive.

“He was immediately isolated in a room,” Jean-Philippe Dion said on the phone. We are lucky to have several rooms in the academy and have their own bathroom. Since then, he has been isolated in this room, where he also takes his food. Nothing to scare, nothing to worry about. He has a cold too ”

The case of the young Modelinot is similar to what is currently happening in the Quebec population, which is facing an upsurge in Covit-19 cases, especially due to the proliferation of the BA.2 variant.

Singing from the Academy

Eloy will not be attending Variety this Sunday, but as he is one of three academics at risk, an alternative has been found.

“The producer explained that he would sing live from the academy on Sunday evening because his health allowed him to. We set up a small studio in the classroom. He will have a stage on which he can interpret his song, and on the other hand there will be a place where he can attend Variety. He can exchange his message directly with the package to deliver. It does not change the weekly deletion process.

The other six academics were tested daily, and all had a negative. The teachers are also in excellent condition and have no symptoms.

“Everybody has never had a cow before, unlike the others. They all get vaccinated enough,” the producer stressed, adding that the standards, health protocol required by the Equality, Health and Occupational Safety Authority (CNESST) have always been strictly respected at the academy, or at the MELS studio.


If Eloy leaves the “Star Academy” at the end of Sunday evening, a project is also planned. On Monday, he will be interviewed by zoom or by phone from his room at the academy. According to public health standards, he will leave Waterloo Manor at the end of the isolation period.

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