January 30, 2023


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"Star Academy": Audrey-Louise's Controversial Deviation, Laura Fabian Explains Teachers' Selection

“Star Academy”: Audrey-Louise’s Controversial Deviation, Laura Fabian Explains Teachers’ Selection

Audrey-Lewis’ removal from the “Star Academy” on Sunday evening was not unanimous, so a petition was launched that he should return.

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The young singer was also among the favorites to win this year’s competition, but the teachers loved Crystal during last night’s Variety. The other candidate in danger, Eloy, was rescued by the public.

“I’m so proud of my two friends. I’m so proud of myself. It does not taste bitter. I’m not disappointed, of course I will stay, and will continue to sing (…)” Audrey-Louis says in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

Back at the academy, director Laura Fabian had to make a decision with Gregory Charles and Kylie Tremble about her decision.

“Tonight, from the moment Eloy was saved by the public, we watched the show: Yours [Krystel] And Audrey-Louis, which is exceptional. The problem is, when you encounter two exceptional individuals, you actually have to fix the castle with a scalpel. Tonight, when you packed this song, for everything you simulated … the choice was made, “Laura explained during her autopsy.

“It is very difficult to dedicate ourselves to this exam. […] We made this decision based on the fact that at the moment you used it, it was completely unavoidable, unavoidable, right and one of a kind. We saw someone appear in your image, in your presence. This is a fantastic moment like the one that sometimes happens at the Grammy or Oscars, just like you touched tonight. The grace you touched this evening really deserves to be saved “, the director continues.

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Monday afternoon, Online Petition One of his fans has already collected almost 3000 signatures.

Star Academy: Interview with Audrey-Louise Piusjor :

“It touches me so much to see these waves of love from people. I do this for them. In the end, it means I’ve won anyway, “he added.

Despite being removed early, Audrey-Lewis smiled and promised to return to the Quebec music scene soon.

“I’m going to release an album next year or so. I have already started working with my boyfriend who is a director. It would be so awesome to explore this together. We already have some songs, ”he says.

Don’t miss Laura Fabian’s autopsy tonight at 7:30 on TVA