"Star Academy": A Comfort Variety

Variety was the only beauty Star Academy This Sunday evening, it received significant Mitsou, Simple Plan and French Girl Yseult. At the end of this consolation evening, Mathieu quietly left the adventure.

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On the eve of its twentieth career anniversary, Simple Project Creation opened the evening with a mix of its biggest successes at the Institute of Educators. “Jet Lake” was a success with Audrey-Louise, Edward distinguished himself in “Welcome to My Life”, Crystal voiced in “Antidote” and Olivier was perfect in “I’m Just a Kid”. The band’s first album, released in 2002.

In danger

Edward Lagos kept his talents to the fullest during the song “High Hopes” by Cody. He even pointed out his emotion. “I want to thank you for taking this risk beyond this area you hid from us,” Laura Fabian greeted.

With “I came to tell you I was going”, Mathieu had the task of overcoming his worries and questions. He was relatively solid during his performance, which pleased Gregory Charles: “In a few days, under these circumstances, you will be able to deliver your best performance. Imagine how far you can go …”

For his part, Oliver certainly delivered his best performance since the start of the season, as explained by Vincent Valiers in “The Height of Man”. The voice was right, the attitude felt, and he really felt like the lyrics were alive.

“I have the impression that you showed us your story, Mark Dupree told him. We all believed it.” Kylein added in the compliment: “My beautiful Olivier, you have reached the height of a man, almost no”.

The original number

The first guest art director, Midso, imagined a number of different paintings.

Camellia re-opened the boxes with four draws on the song “La Corrida”. The three boys in danger had fun with “The Chinese”.

Audrey-Louise rolled her hips “bye bye my cowboy” before Jeremy and her lineup joined the saloon setting. The latter later explained in a duet with Marley that it was “a letter to a cowboy.”

Crystal revealed all her charms on “It’s Hot” before tearing the paper wall behind the stage while Mitzo was rapping the verse. Pretty amazing look.

Sandrine and Éloi both surprised as a duet song on “Le yaya” that they did not hesitate to leave the comfort zone. In the glamorous alluring role, Eloy was unavoidable.

Finally, Sarah-Mouth and Julian sang “Dis-Moi,” and soon all the academics joined.

Mitcho has signed on to the most luxurious and successful number of the season. An unusual combination.

Special request

Academics paid special tribute to Dominic Lecomte, an aspiring teacher who founded the Rock School. “I did this to make young people dream, to give them hope, and to live with music,” he explained, and at the end of that number we could go on stage and listen to the song. “Corinne”, from three contracts.

Yesold, a little-known French woman in Quebec, made her unique universe known with two songs. He sang the wonderful song “Bad Boy” and “Corps” with Marley, in which Sarah-Mouth and Audrey-Louise shone particularly well. A smooth performance.


Before the vote ended, academics performed an excerpt in support of the Ukrainian people, “Give peace a chance.”

Oliver Bergeron was finally the public choice. “We are judges, we go with them every week, but we love them, and it brings tears to our eyes to see them leave,” Gregory Charles said before announcing that the teachers had decided to keep Edward.

Eloy Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands

Teachers have repeatedly asked Eloi to be more flexible, stand up straight, and stick less when singing on stage. This Sunday, he showed that he can act crazy without harassing his vocal performances. In the number staged by Mitso, he appeared to be completely relaxed and made fun of himself for playing the enchantress. From the beginning of the adventure, Eloy was very sensible in the diaries, but each of his appearances during Variety shows that he is progressing week by week. Even though he is still young, the artist within him is ready to express himself more and more.

Yseult, a great invention

Singer Yseult has been in Montreal for the second time since the beginning of his career. His number, which included only women, was full of tenderness and emotion. He made himself known through a show in the same style, and had a message to deliver to educators. “I encourage them to do it, never give up,” he said in an interview. A program is a swing, not an end. Tough, but very beautiful, this adventure is out, coming out.

Mitsau, stylized

Mitzo ended his singing career many years ago, but he is still an passionate and active creator. He rediscovered his songs through the voices of academics, giving them a modern touch that makes us forget that we were listening to these songs in the 1990s. Analyzed in an interview. They all wanted to create a magical moment. You can see they’re having fun, and that’s the freedom I wanted to give them. ” Flow Incredible for an exceptional artist.

  • Sarah-Maude Desgagné, 23, Amos
  • Audrey-Louise Beausjour, 23, Brossard
  • Eloy Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands
  • Camilla Jackie, 17, Sherbrook
  • Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Marley Dorian, 26, Sherbrook
  • Julien Charbonneau, 23, Montreal
  • Sandrine Hebert, 25, Coaticook
  • Jeremy Blonde, 25, Lewis

  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Gedwick, NB

  • Edouard Lagace, 27, Cowansville

Of daily Star Academy Presented on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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