Standard fuel prices!  Drivers don’t like what happens at gas stations

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The situation in Great Britain, where there was a shortage of gasoline at service stations and even the allotment of a fuel quota for each customer, caused slight stress among the inhabitants of Europe. Despite the fact that it was not due to lack of fuel availability, but only because of the lack of drivers who could take it from the refinery to distributors, there were more and more talks about increasing prices.

– Current fuel prices depend on many factors, incl. on the political situation in the world. The coronavirus pandemic caused a record drop in gasoline prices last year. However, as soon as the global market began to recover after the crisis, fuel prices began to rise again. Yanosik app users can check current prices at gas stations in our app. They can also update it themselves to inform other drivers. This is a great convenience for all travelers, as well as the ability to track changes in the pricing policy of a particular station. – Comments by Julia Langa, Janusic Autoblak.

Analysts closely monitored the situation, and according to their estimates, the transition to higher fuel prices was taking place in a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, time has shown that an undesirable change occurred overnight. The average price of a liter of gasoline in Poland increased by about 0.15 PLN.
Last week we would pay 5.99 PLN for 1 liter of 98 PB on average, 5.85 PLN for 95 PB, 3.03 PLN for gas and 5.79 PLN for crude oil. The e-gasoline gate forecast assumed a transition to the threshold of PLN 6.02-6.15 for 1 liter of PB 98, PLN 5.86-5.99 for PB 95, PLN 5.80-5.93 for diesel and LPG 3, 03 – 3.15 PLN. Currently, a liter of PB 98 costs 6.15 PLN in some places.

– All drivers who use the app can access the current fuel prices at gas stations. Thanks to this feature, they can check a few gas stations in their area and choose the one where they can find the best prices. – says Julia Langa.

It is undeniable that the upcoming winter, a period of increased demand among all motorists, affects the rise in fuel prices. The weak exchange rate of the zloty and the limited supply of crude oil, as well as its price, are also important factors.

More and more gas stations increase the liter rate of 98 PB. Unfortunately, prices even change several times a day, which may mean that soon we will be paying tens of zlotys or so for a full tank.

We examined individual provinces and gas stations, where PB 98 fuel already costs more than PLN 6. According to the data of the portal, the highest prices for 1 liter of PB 98 can be found (as of Thursday, October 14, 2021):
– on Orlen in Borek Wielkopolski (Greater Poland) – PLN 6.24,
– on BP in Kudowa-Zdrój (Lower Silesia) – PLN 6.39,
– at Carrefour Lublin (Lubliski) PLN 6.80,
– in BP in Zielona Góra (Lubusz Voivodeship) – PLN 6.20,
– for Shell in Warsaw (Masovian District) – PLN 6.77,
– at the Moya station in Sosnowiec (Silesia) – 6.20 zlotys,
– On BP in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (Świętokrzyskie) – PLN 6.28.

In turn, for 1 liter of 95 PB, you will pay more:
– at Orlin and Shell stations in Wroclaw (Lower Silesia) – 5.92 PLN,
– on Orlen in Toruń (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship) – 5.92 PLN,
– at Carrefour in Lublin (Lublin District) – 6.50 PLN,
– on BP in Skierniewice (ódź Voivodeship) – PLN 5.83,
– at the Bliska station in Nowy Sącz (Little Poland Voivodeship) – 5.92 PLN,
– in PP Legionowo (Masovian Prefecture) – PLN 5.86,
– on L. Optima Niemodlin (Opole Voivodeship) – PLN 5.89,
– to Orlen Białystok (Podlaskie Oblast) – PLN 5.92,
– on BP Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (Świętokrzyskie) – 5.99 PLN,
– Orlen Wolsztyn (Greater Poland) – 5.85 PLN,
– To Orlen Połczyn Zdrój (West Pomerania Province) – PLN 6.50.

As can be seen in the above list, prices range from a few to several dozen.

LPG prices also rose dangerously. Over the past few days, they have crossed the threshold of PLN 3. It is currently the fastest growing fuel at the stations. The last time we paid similar amounts for LPG was in 2012.

Once upon a time, autogas owners enjoyed greater savings and equally good performance cars. Currently, owning a gas cylinder is no longer profitable when LPG prices are rising very quickly.

All indications are that these are not final prices. Time will show the increments that are still waiting for us. The last time drivers encountered similar prices for fuel was in mid-September 2012, when the price of one liter of gasoline was PLN 6.

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