square doses.  Get closer to the nutrition of science fiction movies

See 100% catering. Fitted and easy-to-serve models are nearing their realization.

SquarEat says it has created a new concept of food, delivered in what it claims are “square potions,” made by mixing and pressing ingredients into 50-gram “ready-to-eat” packets.

You can buy them in packs of four or six, eat them hot or cold, or heat them in the microwave or in a skillet. Plus, they’re available in a huge range of flavors, including chicken, beef, asparagus, peanut, and salmon.

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This start-up solution from Miami, which was launched in June, is very emotional. It reduces food to provide only nutrients – appearance or flavor are certainly of secondary importance. When pictures of SquarEat products started popping up on Twitter this week, most people were similarly confused, and square meals were compared to anti-utopian shows and movies like Snowpiercer, where The lower social classes were fed in a similar way – a mass of unknown composition and taste cut into squares.

In an interview with Today, SquarEat Marketing Director Laura Vacaflores asserted that square food is real but not properly understood. The square shape of the food helps to standardize preparation and filling, and one square should not replace the whole meal. The squares should be eaten in multiple units and can be combined with other forms of nutrients, that is, regular food, she said. – She added – We’re not the first food concept to take on a square shape, for example, if you think of tofu.

The company assures that thanks to its square shape, it is able to produce food of the highest quality and sell it at an affordable price. Every cube is seasoned, there are no substitutes. The chicken is chicken breast only, black pepper, lemon and rosemary.

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The company is currently raising funds from WeFunder, where it is developing a highly ambitious plan to “disrupt the food supply market” by replacing meal programs. Meal replacement shake companies like Soylent and Howell are already in operation.

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