Spotify not working, Discord also crashes.  Global failure in progress

The biggest streaming service – Spotify – just crashed. Discord messages don’t work either.

From 7 pm, everyone who wanted to listen to music on Spotify is faced with a big problem, because the service simply stopped working. Moreover, it not only loads music and playlists, but also – it does not allow you to log into your account. This is the reason why many users think that Spotify has deleted their account because after entering the email they are sent back to the registration process.

Downdetector confirms that the website is not responding and reports are increasing every minute. The map of the reported problems shows that the service has collapsed in Poland, but the reports show that we are dealing with a global failure.

Additionally, Discord messages also don’t work. So far, it is not known whether the two failures can be linked in any way.

Not many people initially noticed that something was wrong with Spotify, because the failure occurred during the Apple conference, which many people are following. This is one of the site’s biggest failures, and so far its scope can be compared to what happened recently for Facebook and Messenger. So far, the reason why the services are not running is unknown.

Update 19:50

Data from the world confirms the situation – at least 165,000 people have stopped working.

Discord has responded to the crash and is working on a fix.

Spotify has also reported to users that they are working on a fix.

Of course, memes are irreplaceable 🙂

Given the number of tweets, the issue of Spotify and Discord overshadowed today’s transition.

Update 20:10

Despite the enormity of this failure, it did not last long. Some users may already be logged into the application. The reason why the programs stopped working is still unknown.

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