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December 15, 2021, 20:05

No more gossip?? Ubisoft has confirmed that a new version of Splinter Cell is being developed. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto studio, production is powered by the Snowdrop engine, and the creators are convinced that they want to deliver a true experience of the original ?? Without an open world.

I have great news for stealth fans. Ubisoft has finally given the green light Siri Splinter Cell, thus creating a remake ?? Of which ?? From 2002. It is being developed by a branch of a French company from Toronto (responsible, among other things, for SC: blacklist), a The main goal of the creators is to provide an experience that is faithful to the original ?? So fortunately there will be no open world etc.?? In a contemporary visual environment. The new version is supposed to power the Snowdrop engine, which is used, among other things, by in a great looking production Avatara: Pandora’s Frontier.

Unfortunately, we didn’t even know the approximate release date of the game. The developers have just started working on it and are building a team. Three of them?? Specifically Chris Otti, Matt West and Peter Hendrinos?? It deeply introduced its approach to update this popular stealth game. z i formulations It shows they are the right people in the right place. For example: the first describes the essence Splinter Sil With the following words:

We are committed to maintaining a sense of perfection; We want to reward players who observe the surroundings, make plans, use gadgets, and creatively defeat the enemy […]. The people who would be better for them [po wykonaniu misji – dop. red.] They left the area and no one realized they were there.

Matt West even confirmed that the creators’ goal would be a kind of “remaster plus.” ?? Going beyond updating the audiovisual aids.

As we create it [remake Splinter Cella – dop. red.] From the beginning, we intend to improve the graphics, as well as some game elements, to modify the game according to the player’s comfort and expectations; Surely we will stick to the known sin from the beginning?? We will not open the world. How can we make sure that new fans are able to grab the console and dive right into the game world?

from the latest version Splinter Sil More than eight years have passed; From the beginning ?? ?? Almost two decades. In response to Matt West’s question, Peter Hendrinos said the developers took a lot of time to research:

[…] Where it makes sense is to use modern lights and shadows, animation technology, gameplay, artificial intelligence, and even sound. What will not only fit the legacy of the series, but also bring the game to the level we expect and allow us to surprise players? What do we want to give them?? A new, but still sincere experience, they had to go through this masterpiece for the first time.

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