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The long-awaited film was released on December 15 , Starring artists , Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jacob Matalon and Marisa Tomey, as well as special appearances by stars from previous films Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

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Within its first week of release, the film broke a new box office record worldwide Billion dollars The collection, despite the restrictions, was the first film to achieve this Govit-19.

Spoiler warning. The character played is one of the losers of this installment Marisa Domi, May Parker, Foster girl Peter Parker And it instilled in him the important values ​​that he had nurtured until the last second of his life. Next, find out why Aunt May’s death should have happened.

May Parker was responsible for teaching him the values ​​of portraying Peter as Spider-Man (Photo: Sony Pictures).

Why should Auntie die?

Unlike other Spider-Mans, played Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Simulated by Peter Parker Tom Holland He did not face the death of a loved one. In 2002, May Parker said before dying at the hands of his nephew, “The Great Power must come with great responsibility, as Spider-Man” and “The Amazing. Spider-Uncle Ben said.”

According to fiction writers, the time has come for this Peter Parker to pay a high price for his good deeds.. “We were at a point where we felt there had to be a loss, a sacrifice Peter had to pay a real price for this decision to save the villains”, Reveals Eric Somers.

But why was he chosen May Parker And isn’t there another character? Aunt May was a valuable figure in the life of the protagonist, and for this reason, his death will make a huge impact that will lead to a re-examination of his values:

“I think it was very clear to many of us that losing Aunt Maya would really take us home to the point we were trying to make: Peter Parker is a film that experiences the loss that others have experienced in their lives. First pictures”.

Tom Holland explains a Peter Parker "Spider-Man: Homecoming", Hit the box office a week after its premiere (Photo: Sony Pictures)
Tom Holland as Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, which was a box office success a week after its release (Photo: Sony Pictures)

The goal was achieved

The MCU did not go with him as planned Uncle Ben and In order to have a greater impact on Peter, he wanted May Parker to occupy that place in history. The young man suffered the worst pain of his entire life because of the intimacy he had with the woman who had watched him until his last life, and because she had fought for the right thing that had educated him.

“She tried to do what May taught her, and it made the sacrifice so much harder because it exploded in her face and killed her. […]Then He began to question that discipline in a way he had never questioned Because they did not test it. “, Finished Chris McKenna.

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