March 24, 2023


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Spider-Man 4 – John Malkovich’s role details and the surprise opening of an unrealized movie

Pop culture fans will definitely agree spider man 4 Directed by Sam Raimi It is one of the most important cinema projects that have not been created before. Although studio Sony Pictures eventually did not give the green light to implement the project, and decided to restart the screen portion of the franchise, even years later new details of the potential production appeared on the web.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, another of them was revealed by comics artist Jeffrey Henderson, who is currently promoting his book titled Superpower: How Spider-Man conquered Hollywood during the golden age of movies. Henderson shares details including John MalkovichAlso the starting sequence spider man 4.

The graphic artist confirmed that Malkovich in this story on the screen will play the role of an eagle (eagle), portraying a character who works in the service of the US government and is responsible for the “dirty work”. Moreover, his nickname was due to the fact that in his actions he “left nothing but bones”. Suffice it to say that in one of the scenes the eagle was supposed to overcome Spider-Man so much that the latter miraculously survived.

Henderson also revealed that at the beginning of the movie there was actually a funny and surprising sequence of spider fights with bad guys; Peter Parker reconciled with the loss of Mary Jane Watson and was better suited to the role of a superhero, Peter Parker faced Shocker, Mysterio and Stilt Man in this scene.

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