May 29, 2023


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Spider-Man 2 is supposed to surprise with “very cool” technology. Insomniac Games is heating up

One of Sony’s biggest games of 2023 is supposed to premiere in the fall. Not only is Insomniac Games working on the second main part of the adventures of Peter Parker, but it will be one of the most interesting for gamers. During one of the recordings, the creators revealed that they had prepared an interesting technique that would surprise the community.

Created by developers affiliated with PlayStation Studios, Spider-Man has been well received, so it’s no wonder that the sequel is such a highly anticipated title. Two games in the series have sold more than 33 million copies, and Spider-Man 2 could significantly increase that score – it will be the first production IP to be shown exclusively on PlayStation 5.

We couldn’t count on large-scale game footage for two years. If you believe the recent information about the fall premiere, Insomniac Games should be slowly preparing for a show that presents us with adventure in all its glory. Elan Ruskin warmed up the atmosphere a bit before the potential presentation by mentioning the title.

In the studio’s latest live broadcast focusing on various aspects of the developers’ work, the lead programmer revealed it The team has developed a “very cool dialogue technique” that will be used in Spider-Man 2. At the same time, it seems very likely that the solution will also be implemented in the studio’s next locus – the Wolverine story.

So far, we haven’t received any details, but there’s no doubt that work on the title is still ongoing. The team mentions Spider-Man 2 more and more, which may indicate that the production presentation is fast approaching – according to rumors, the next PlayStation presentation will be held in May.

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