Spectacular pictures of the famous couple's new $60 million home

Leave Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck File perfect love in hands Jennifer Lopez. The two lovebirds found each other after more than 15 years of separation. Now they seem determined to do things right. Even newly engaged, lovers are looking for a little love nest. Perfect home for any small blended family. In fact, J.Lo is the happy mother of twins. Maximilian and Emme, 14 years old. For his part, Batman’s translator is a father of 3 children. Seraphina, 13, Samuel, 10 and Violet, 16.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are willing to do anything to find the rare pearls they visited. According to the latest information published online by TMZ, they have looked at several villas ranging from $60 to $165 million. One of them was bigger than the White House that currently houses the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. After several meetings with a real estate agent, it looks like the Pennifers have finally found their dream home.

2,600 square meters of living space

Their choice would have been the former home of famous actor Danny DeVito. Several moving trucks can be seen in front of J.Lo’s villa. Also, the star’s car, meanwhile, was reportedly spotted outside the alleged new home. At the moment, the sale has yet to be confirmed by the couple, but it won’t be for long. This magnificent property cost the bride and groom $60 million. In total, the latter will have more than 2,600 square meters of living space, including 7 bedrooms, a garage capable of accommodating up to 8 cars, a large car park, a beauty salon accessible by a private lift from the parents’ suite, a large outdoor swimming pool, a A smoking room, a wine cellar and a cinema room. Dream!


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