February 4, 2023


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Special edition of "Si on s'aimait" is dedicated to couples in distress

Special edition of “Si on s’aimait” is dedicated to couples in distress

Documentary-reality “Si on s’aimait” will feature a special edition next year focusing on couples in distress.

So let’s change the formula in this case, as sexologist Louis Chico usually follows people who want to find a soul mate, which we see in the third season currently airing on TVA.

Recruitment for this special edition has started online (https://www.sionsaimait.com), Mrs. We are looking for couples with different roles who want to work on their relationship under the good care of Chicoin. We cite examples such as betrayal, depression, communication or sexual problems and problems related to stepmother families.

Shooting is set to take place next spring. For the time being we have not mentioned on which site the followers of document-reality can see the evolution of the couple.

As for the possible fourth season of the regular formula “Si on s’aimait”, nothing has been announced or confirmed yet.

We released the box “Si on s’aimait” on Tuesday, which was included in the first two volumes of books of the same name.

Finally, during the week of December 6th to 9th, after the end of the third season, Louise will meet participants in two previous editions of Chico and see where they are.

The documentary “Si on s’aimait” airs live on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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