“Speakers but inactive” outraged: Queen Elizabeth II gets stuck in an open microphone

Queen Elizabeth II, in her private address to the Welsh Parliament on Thursday about the capture of COP26, expressed her annoyance that world leaders were ‘not taking action’ despite talking about ‘climate change’.

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When she opened the new session of the Welsh parliament on Thursday, the 95-year-old monarch left her usual presence during a discussion with Speaker Elin Jones because she had a microphone: “Extraordinary, isn’t it? I heard about the COP … I still don’t know who’s coming. No idea. ”

“We only know those who don’t come … it’s very annoying when they talk, but they don’t act,” he continued.

The two-week UN General Assembly will be held in Glasgow (Scotland) from October 31. Among the leaders who have not yet confirmed their presence at the climate summit are Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prince Charles, the Queen’s son and a longtime environmental activist, called on leaders “to act on the ground” earlier this week. Prince William, his grandson, the second in line to the British throne, asked for more than the “best words.”

The Duke of Cambridge on Thursday attacked the race for space tourism, saying, “This is the world’s largest brain and mind. [devraient] Above all, I’m trying to fix this planet, ”said streak actor William Shatner the next day after traveling a few minutes into space on a Blue Origin rocket.

The Speaker of the Welsh Parliament has spoken to the Queen about this rare front attack by Prince William, which has been criticized by some. “Yes I read [des choses] That, “Elizabeth II, replied with a smile.

Queen, Charles and William are all set to attend COP26’s events. Participants will try to persuade higher-growing economies to reduce their growing carbon emissions, and to get rich countries to open up tens of billions to adapt to climate change for poorer countries.

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