March 27, 2023


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Spain |  The sunken statue has caused a stir in Bilbao

Spain | The sunken statue has caused a stir in Bilbao

No, this is not submersion. A statue has been unveiled in the waters of the Nervian River in Bilbao, Spain, with a distorted view of the waves since September 23rd.

BiharThe work of Mexican artist Ruben Orosco is a way of encouraging the discussion of sustainable development. The intriguing image is at the center of the campaign of the Spanish lender BBK Foundation.

“The goal is to make us realize that our actions can drown or float us,” the artist said in an interview with the News website.

The fiberglass artwork weighs 120 kilograms. The BBK Foundation said it was a picture of what would happen “if we continue to build sustainable models”.

I first felt a certain pressure when the statue opened. Now I feel sad. Very sorry. She didn’t seem to care. It’s like she’s drowning herself, ”said one tourist.

Bihar Artist Oroskov’s first work Bilbao did not surprise people. Two years ago, the life-size statue of an individual sitting on a park bench sparked a debate about isolating the elderly.

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