Spain: Statues of deities of a lost civilization discovered for the first time
  • Archaeologists from the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research discovered five bas-reliefs with images of people at the Casas del Turuñuelo site, created by the culture of the Tartessos people.
  • This is one of the most mysterious civilizations of antiquity, which was probably the first to inhabit the southern Iberian Peninsula, which developed about 3000 years ago.
  • The people of Tartessos, who are sometimes called the Tartessians, suddenly disappeared under unknown circumstances, leaving many secrets. According to some theories, he was supposed to represent the mythical Atlantis.
  • The discovery by Spanish archaeologists is a milestone in learning about an unknown part of history.

Spanish archaeologists have been working in southern Spain for years searching for the remains Tartessos culture. One of its best preserved remains Casas del Turuñuelo site, the remains of a temple in Badajoz Province.

What Spanish archaeologists have now found in this place exceeded all their expectations. They extracted The first bas-reliefs depicting the faces of the people of Tartissus. It is also the first discovered case of anthropomorphic art from this civilization.

The two best preserved bas-reliefs depict the faces of women. According to archaeologists, they were most likely used to depict one of the deities. This is in contrast to previous theories that say that the religion of the people of Tartissus did not use human images.

Archaeologists suggest that too The bas-reliefs must have been part of the fresco depicting the gods observing the Tartessian warrior. This is evidenced by the representation of the helmet on one of the three surviving bas-reliefs, which were too damaged to be more accurately identified.

This discovery can cast New light on one of the world’s most mysterious cultures, which stands for Casas del Turuñuelo. Perhaps this will be the beginning of new discoveries that will tell us what happened not only to the temple itself, but also to the people of Tartissus.

We know very little about the people of Tartessos. It takes its name from the ancient term for the region extending into modern-day Andalusia. The largest concentration of the people of Tartessos was supposed to be the port of that name, located on the Strait of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River.. To this day, its ruins have not been found.

The Tartessians were probably the first western civilization of the Iberian PeninsulaIt was developed in the late Bronze Age. They combined elements of the ancient Spanish and Phoenician culture. They were skilled metallurgists and merchants, trading from their port with many peoples from the Carthaginians to the Greeks. To this day it is not known where the Tartessians came from in the Iberian Peninsula.

Even more mysterious than the appearance of the Tartessians in the Iberian Peninsula is their appearance vanishement. Around the 6th century BC, all of their areas suddenly collapsed, even if the temple of the site of Casas del Turuñuelo was burned before the general collapse.

There are many theories that led to the demise of the civilization of the people of Tartus, such as the conquest of Carthage or the depletion of mineral deposits, which led to economic collapse. However, there is a theory among some academics The earthquake and tsunami are responsible for the fall of the Tartessians. Hence they assume that Tartessos was the legendary Atlantis.

According to this theory All ancient records of Atlantis refer specifically to the history of the port of Tartessos and the Tartessians, who is responsible for creating the legend of the sunken land. However, part of the academic community rejected these hypotheses.

finally The mystery of Tartessos civilization remains unanswered. However, a new discovery by archaeologists from Spain’s Supreme Research Council may change that.

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