Spain: Infanta Christina and her husband announce their separation

Spain’s Infanta Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdangarin, who are serving a semi-free sentence for corruption, were recently photographed with another woman, who announced their divorce on Monday, according to a news release sent to the Spanish company EFE.

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By mutual agreement, we have decided to intervene in our marital relationship, in this press release, the sister of King Philip VI and her husband, a former international handball player, for more than 24 years, without mentioning whether they are going. Divorce.

“The commitment to our children remains the same,” the couple with four children continued.

“Since this is a personal decision, we ask for the utmost respect from everyone around us,” the brief statement concludes.



On Wednesday a newspaper published photos of Urtanger walking hand in hand with a woman, later identified as Ainhova Armenzia, a colleague of a law firm based in Vitoria (north), thanks to the semi-independent regime he benefited from.

When asked about the photos on Thursday, 54-year-old Urdangarín described it as “an inconvenience” managed by the family “with great silence”.

Infanta Cristina, 56, who lives in Geneva, did not speak until a news release on Monday.

Christina and Urtangar were married in October 1997, a year after meeting at the Atlanta Olympics. The couple moved to Geneva in 2013, far from the paparazzi.



Former Olympic medalist Inaki Urdanker has been serving a five-year and 10-month prison sentence from 2018 for embezzling millions of euros donated by public organizations to the non-profit trust he heads.

Infanta Christina was sent to court in a case of complicity in tax evasion, becoming the first member of the royal family to be brought to justice for such a crime. The king’s sister, who was sixth on the Spanish throne, was released.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court held that she was a beneficiary of the funds received by her husband and imposed a fine of 13 136,950 which she had already paid.



Throughout the investigation, Christina was unaware of her husband’s abusive behavior. From the beginning of the affair, until the end of 2011, the two were excluded from the official proceedings of the House of Commons.

When he ascended the throne in 2014, Philip promised to restore the value of the Sixth Crown, tainted by several scandals involving his father, Juan Carlos, and forced him to resign.

In 2015, Juan Carlos revoked the title of Duchess of Palma, created in 1997 before marrying his daughter, from Infanta Christina.

Philip VI also has an older sister, Infanta Elena, 58.

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