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Archbishop Mario Isita of Burgos announced on Saturday that excommunication has been imposed on a group of rebellious nuns from the Order of the Poor Sisters of St. Clare in the town of Belorado in northern Spain. This ended the conflict between the nuns accused of dissent and the church authorities.

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Ten nuns were expelled. It is not the end

As we read in the document, ten Poor Clares were not only excommunicated, but also expelled from the religious state. They were accused, among other things, of refusing to recognize the jurisdiction of the church court. “These are the same sisters who demonstrated their free and personal decision to leave the Catholic Church,” he stressed. The nuns must now move out of the convent in Bellorado.

Excommunication of rebellious nuns. It was about words about the Pope and the Vatican

The conflict between Poor Clares and the church authorities continued for a year. In May, the so-called Chocolate Sisters (so called because they produce the sweets) published the “Catholic Manifesto”. They wrote in it that they did not recognize the authority of the bishop or Pope Francis, and that they considered Pope Pius XII (who died in 1958) to be the last canonical leader of the Church. They stated that “the Vatican is a farce” and that there is “sectarian chaos.” Their dispute with the local diocese also concerned the management of church property.

Therefore, the nuns were accused of dissent and belonging to a sect. They were summoned before the ecclesiastical court, but poor Clarice did not appear. Instead, they sent a letter to the archbishop announcing that they were leaving the church.

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