June 7, 2023


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Space tourists went into orbit.  They took handcuffs and sedatives on board.  just in case

Space tourists went into orbit. They took handcuffs and sedatives on board. just in case

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What can you take on board a spaceship? Perhaps the first things that come to mind are spacesuits, research instruments, and food and water supplies. However, on board the spacecraft there are many elements, which are often very surprising.

Amateur Journey into Space. Handcuffs on the plane

How does Spider’sWeb fetch, Handcuffs were found aboard the Crew Dragon, which flew four amateur astronauts into space as part of the Inspiration4 mission. These are not traditional metal handcuffs, like those used by police, but flexible zip clasps that can be used to calm a person down.

They were on the plane just in case. In the event of a panicked member of the four-man crew and their behavior could endanger the safety of other persons, they have the right to immobilize him using arm bands and administer sedatives, which are also included in the capsule.

Four historical participants airline Locked up in a tight capsule for several days, the crew has no way to return to Earth quickly. This situation can definitely be stressful, and you never know how amateur astronauts will act. In any case, as Spider’sWeb reminds us, there are similar procedures on the International Space Station, which include neutralizing the aggressor with duct tape and sedatives.

Games also fly in space

Cable ties or masking tape are not the only “non-standard” equipment of the spacecraft. Other items that regularly fly into space are stuffed animals. In June 2020, for example, a plush dinosaur flew to the International Space Station, and in November on the ship Crew Dragon is Baby Yoda – a well-known game from the series “The Mandalorian”. There has also been a luxurious globe on the International Space Station for several years.

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Stuffed animals are used by astronauts to mark (symbolically) the point at which weightlessness begins, because they do not need to be attached to the walls of the spacecraft. By the way, it is a beautiful decoration that slightly diversifies the monotonous interior of the capsule or space station.

Of course, there was a similar game in Inspiration4’s Journey. As part of this mission, a stuffed puppy flew into space as an indicator of weightlessness. Often, after launch, a replica of a stuffed animal in space can be purchased online, which is the case this time. Games are usually also available in stock Spread in the blink of an eye.