January 28, 2023


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South Korea.  Searching for 6 people missing after the ship capsized

South Korea. Searching for 6 people missing after the ship capsized

The rescue operation began on Wednesday, but it did not produce any results due to bad weather.

Who was on the ship?

On Thursday morning, the South Korean Coast Guard found one of the crew members. The man was unconscious but alive. And at about the same time, a special fishing boat, which also took part in the search, pulled two survivors from the waters. Their lives are not in danger.

The two men found by the fishing boat are Chinese. The nationality of the first person found has not been confirmed. The Associated Press reported that four Chinese, three South Koreans and two Indonesians were on board.

ship rescue operation

The ship set out from Hopo Port in South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province on Sunday with the aim of catching crabs. Halfway between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, it overturned.

The South Korean Coast Guard said Thursday that the rescue operation, which includes 10 ships, three helicopters, two planes from South Korea and one Japanese ship, will continue despite the bad weather.

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