South Korea.  No more eating dog meat?  President: A reason to be ashamed |  world News

as he knows”Watchman“South Korean President Moon Jae-in is working to ban the consumption of dog meat. Ten Title It was to be brought up during the weekly conversation with the Prime Minister. Isn’t it time to think about banning dog meat? ask his boss rz ± du.

The end of the war on the Korean peninsula? Kim Jong-un’s sister sets conditions

In his opinion eat meat from dog flaw. Enter the ban in the evaluation President It will allow to improve the care system for homeless animals. “Watchman” According to research, Koreans consume about 1 million annually dog.

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Slovak police show how to train police dogs

Current regulations prohibit cruelty while slaughtering dogs and cats. Korean society has been dividing this topic for several years. More and more South Koreans consider eating dog meat an animal abuse rather than a tradition.

South Korea.  The ambassador's wife felt insulted.  I had a fight with a street sweeper because he pushed her with a brush (illustration)South Korea’s ambassador felt insulted. I quarreled with a street sweeper

The Guardian reminds us that Moon Jae-in is a famous dog lover. He lives in the Blue House with several dogs, and he adopted one of them during the election campaign.

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