Sosha and her husband have a property separation: ‘This is actually very healthy’

Magorzata sucha He plays in theater, movies, series, commercials, and product promotion on Instagram. She met her husband when she was 16 and he was 19. After more than a decade, they officially married, and in 2013 they welcomed their first child Zofia. Then they had two daughters, Barbara, and a son, Stanislaw. The wary actress recently admitted in an interview that she broke up with her husband on property and.. she praises it very much!

Magorzata sucha She admitted in an interview that she does not have a joint account with her husband, and even more so – they do not have a real estate community, like most spouses. The actress admitted that the separation of property gives them a sense of equal rights.

Interestingly, Socha admitted a few years ago in an interview with the newspaper “Twój Styl” that her husband was paying the bills.

The topic of money was born thanks to the last topic Premiere of Joanna Brzetkevich’s book “Money Gives Happiness”. Brand owner LaMania has collected tips for women to get used to the topic of money and earning.

While Małgorzata Socha praises Joanna’s guide, he is Anja Rubik says otherwise: “Money does not bring happiness.”.

The actress also admitted that the film industry does not reward women as much as men. Maria Dubska was the first to speak of the feeling of being wronged.

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