Sophie Durocher and Richard Martino didn’t really like each other before they met

Sophie Durocher and Richard Martino conducted a “little couple” interview Sweet saltTuesday, they talked about how they didn’t particularly like each other before they got to know each other.

Two historians magazine And the QUB host talked about their meeting in a restaurant in September 2002 when the producer, a certain Koko, gathered at a certain moment because it was love at first sight between them and they are still together.

Sophie Durocher,

Photo provided by TVA

Sophie Durocher, “Sucré Salé” collaborator Ludovick Bordages and Richard Martineau.

“I couldn’t feel it. I sat across from her and after 10 minutes I knew my life had changed. […] I felt she was greedy and passionate about life. We laughed a lot and it was really fun. After that, we had to go elsewhere. There were a lot of people in a taxi and she had to sit on me. She gave me her hand and I shook hands in the taxi. Then I said to myself: “Well, I’m in trouble,” said Richard Martino, who later even bought a bed in the hotel they went to.

The couple renewed their wedding vows on September 8, 2003 after 20 years of celebrating their union. It’s Sophie Durocher, We got to know each other better this winter Get me out of here!who created him Big demand on the set of the defunct show The world is upside down.

Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau were received by the collaborator Sweet salt Ludovic Portages then played a game where between the two of them they had to say who was the first to sleep, the fittest, the most touchable, the most showy, etc.

They also confirmed during this game that they did not wake up at home.

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