Soon the premiere of “The Hive”.  Josie in a psychological thriller

The film “Rój”, shot mainly in the woods and the sea in Orzechów near Ustka, will be shown in May. You can actually purchase access to the platform online.

Hive is a movie about a family who has been living on an island cut off from reality for ten years. Cinema Island is a delightful sight to Oerschov near Ustka, where filmmakers debuted in the fall of 2021. On this Baltic Sea outpost, an entire family settlement has been built on the island. The beautiful scenery of Orzechów was discovered by director Bartek Bala, who had previously rested by the sea and was looking for a place to shoot the script. The film also featured bees from an apiary in Ustka.

The main roles are played by Roma Gąsiorowska and Eryk Lubos, and young actors – Antonina Litwiniak and Adam Wojciechowski – the couple’s teenage children. The Swarm is a psychological thriller. The harmonious life of the family, according to the idea of ​​self-sufficiency and ecology, at some point turns into a trap. The mother decides to return to the world she left behind, against her partner’s will.

Is it worth dreaming about a deserted island?

As we read in the press materials for the movie “Rój”, Bartik Bala first asked several important questions. How do you live on a symbolic desert island? What could it really be like to have people cut off from the world? Finally, is rearranging the world a good way to freedom?

There are many reasons why I want to tell this story. First of all, I want to show a woman who is making a desperate attempt to change her life. I want to show the world that people dream about it without knowing what it really looks like. I want to show that every extreme, even one filled with the most honest and correct thoughts, ends in tragedy. Finally, I want to show that heaven can turn into hell, thereby arousing vigilance in each of us. Because we must always and in every situation be sensitive to authority at every level – says the director of the film.

What happened to the tragedy and what will be its conclusion, viewers will find out on May 11th. On this day, the filmmakers announce the premiere of the film. However, the production will only be available online on the film’s distribution platform. “Rój” will be available from 9 p.m. The pre-sale of access to the film at has already been launched. The pre-sale lasts until May 10, and access to the film costs PLN 24.99. Viewers who purchase it during this time will have the opportunity to view exclusive materials – including: the making of the music video directed by Igor Ignacy Lenniewski, behind the scenes creation of selected scenes and unique materials from the preparations for the film, as well as interviews with the creators. Access to the movie will be limited in time, and the distributor will inform the public of the details closer to May 11th. It is also worth purchasing access in advance, because the price will change from the day of the premiere online.

Since the end of March, the film has been promoting the song “Majak” performed by Katarzyna Nosowska and Natalia Szroder.

A new way of perceiving

“Rój” is the first picture in the history of the Polish Film Market co-financed by a community of more than 300 individual investors.

– “The Swarm” paves the way for an entirely new way of making movies. The film industry is one of the many representatives of the fundamental contradiction of freedom, which is very popular nowadays. On the one hand, access to the “camera” is increasing and this space seems to be democratized, but in terms of financing and access to a wider audience, the film environment is very tight and allows only a few. What we do is different from the activities of other film producers or broadcast services – says Łukasz Siódmok, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RÓJ SA. – We succeeded in finding the right balance in this aspect. For our investors, it’s basically a project focused on return on investment. In turn, at the beginning of our journey, we decided to put everything we earn on the project into subsequent film production, not just our own, but other talented filmmakers as well – we want this new model of film production to reach the largest possible scale.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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