Sony's confidential document has been leaked.  Hideo Kojima and Other Surprises Heading to PS5 and PC

We didn’t have to wait up to 24 hours for someone to release a confidential document to confirm Sony’s plans for the coming months. The list includes, among others, “Horizon PS5 Remaster” and Horizon Online. However, these are just a few of the games from an interesting list.

In the morning we reported on Sony’s plans to update Horizon Zero Dawn. Later, Gematsu editors confirmed that they had received a document that would herald the Japanese company’s plans for the coming months. We did not have to wait long – the material was published.

At first, it is certainly worth emphasizing an important detail – this document was sent to our editorial office before 3:00 pm, but I was not sure that it was the final version of the material. Only after confirming the details with another source did I decide to put it on the portal.

Among the plans we can see, among others:

  • Horizon Forbidden West for PC
  • Horizon PS5 Remastered
  • Horizon Online for PS5 and PC
  • Hearbreak – Firesprite Survival Horror for PS5 and PC
  • Carbon – Secret project from studio Sumo Digital (creators of Sackboy: The Great Adventure)
  • Sackboy: The Great Adventure for PC
  • Redstar – Secret Car Racing from Lucid (creators of Destruction All Stars)
  • Return for PC
  • Ocean – Hideo Kojima’s Secret Project for PS5
  • Bates – Secret Survival Horror Game by Ballistic Moon on PS5 and PC
  • Camden – a secret project from Sony London studio for PS5 and PC

As you can see, most games will debut on PlayStation 5 and PC, and The “ocean” mentioned above is said to be Death Stranding 2.

There have already been leaks that Firesprite is creating AAA horror for PlayStation 5 – you see, the title is also expected to be released on PC. Lucid Games reportedly acquired Twisted Metal, a match for Redstar. Additionally, we recently mentioned Sony’s collaboration with studio Ballistic Moon.

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