Sony is recruiting for PlayStation 6
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May 11, 2022, 16:23

Sony and AMD have published job announcements, from which it can be concluded that work on the PlayStation 6 has been going on for some time. The PS6 must run on an AMD chip.

Image source above: Sony PlayStation YouTube channel.

Sony has published a job posting indicating that work on the PlayStation 6 has already begun. The thing was posted by Zuby_Tech on Twitter. Based on the information provided, it can also be concluded that the next-generation console will be based on an AMD chip with Radeon DNA microarchitecture.

Playstation 6 in 2027?

Job offer been taken offSo we can’t rely on anything other than the aforementioned Twitter thread. In it, we read that the candidates will be assisting research and development teams in Tokyo and San Mateo, California. There is also mention of a broader collaboration with Sony.

Going forward, it can also be assumed that the PlayStation 6 will appear in 2027around in 2017 remember Investment bank Goldman Sachs. This makes sense when you look at the history of Sony consoles so far. According to Mark Cerny (lead designer of Sony consoles), work on the PlayStation 4 began in 2008 – five years before the premiere. In turn, Sean Layden (current president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios) during the podcast What’s up PlayStation She revealed that work on the PlayStation 5 began in 2013 – seven years before it debuted. So you can expect the same with PlayStation 6.

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And user Zuby_Tech also came across advertisement To get a job from AMD. We can read in it:

The team behind the chip that powers PlayStation, Xbox, and the RDNA family of graphics chips is hiring at their headquarters in Markham, Canada, to develop a next-generation chip!

Of course, this could apply to any project from AMD, but since the consoles of the two largest manufacturers were mentioned in the ad, this kind of collaboration is expected to happen again.

The whole matter should be treated as a guess, because the official information has not yet been released.

Sony is being recruited to work on PlayStation 6 - Illustration #1

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