Sony confirms resignation from PS Now cards.  PS Plus Spartacus can reach the whole market at the same time

Sony has responded to recent reports about the resignation of PS Now cards, which is why rumors about the introduction of a new service under the PlayStation brand have not been silenced. The company can prepare for the simultaneous introduction of PS Plus Spartacus around the world.

Xbox Game Pass has consistently enjoyed huge popularity, which is why many industry watchers are waiting for the Japanese giant to react and speculate about the new service. It is said that Sony may finally be taking a step forward. Yesterday we reported an unexpected decision regarding Removal of cards from the UK market to PS NowWhich may suggest linking the service to PS Plus – Bloomberg was the first to report on the mysterious “Spartacus”..

In the latest announcement, Sony confirmed to the GamesBeat editorial office that the resignations from PS Now cards are global:

“We are moving away from PlayStation Now gift cards around the world to focus on existing PlayStation Cash Gift Cards that can be redeemed on PlayStation Now.”

Currently, the manufacturer does not mention any connection with PS Plus and the development of a comprehensive offering, but most likely it seems only a matter of time. Two famous sources (Eurogamer and Bloomberg) have already provided news about Sony’s new offer.

GamesBeat also revealed that stores from the US and Canada will begin the process of removing cards a few weeks in advance. PS Now is not available worldwide, meanwhile, according to rumors from PS Plus, Spartacus will reach all markets at once.

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