Sonic Origins announced;  Release date, price, DLC and Denuvo
April 21, 2022, 11:03 am

Remasters of classic installments of the Sonic series from the creators of the much-acclaimed game Sonic Mania seem to be a recipe for success. Were it not for the price and negotiable content….

cinematic comeback sonica (In any case completely successfulNot all supersonic hedgehog fans can count on this year. On June 23, Sega will share Sonic Origins An updated set of the first four installments of the course. The bundle will go to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Nadir You can see the group below.

sonic mania

The graphic style of the group can be linked to those that were published nearly five years ago sonic mania. And rightly so, because Sonic Origins Originates On the engine of that game [RSDK(v5U)]Production is overseen by Headcannon Team Creators Christian “Taxman” Whitehead. It makes fans who remember it fondly sonic mania (Mainly as a “good” new game with Sonik).

  1. Consists of Sonic Origins Four redesigned titles will come: sonic the hedgehogAnd Sonic the Hedgehog 2And sonic 3 and knuckles And audio CD.
  2. All of them will offer updated 2D graphics in HD and playability in two modes (plus one bonus): Classic and Jubilee. The latter will slightly reduce the challenge, virtually remove the word “game over” from the game, and provide a more modern visual setting.
  3. In addition, the creators will be preparing some new content, including quests, stages, and a museum. We can also count on some sort of fantasy campaign that will bring together all four titles and add cinematic scenes.

Confused with DLC

If it stops there, fan enthusiasm will likely explode social networking sites and infect the rest of the internet. Unfortunately, the players found cause to complain, which is not at all fictional. All it took was a quick glimpse Sonic Origins official website And information about the DLC.

The mere presence of downloadable extensions didn’t surprise anyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even loved by fans sonic mania I received such extensions and no one held them against the developers (on the contrary). However, in this case, there are two points in the matter.

Sonic Origins announces one image that has players outraged - Illustration #1

Source: Sonic Origins official website.

The price is too high even for a Sonic Maniac?

First – the price. Sonic Origins It is priced on Steam at 179.99 PLN in the basic version. If we subtract the price from it audio CD (17.99 PLN), this awards 152 PLN for three copies of the 1990s games.

fact, sonic mania They cost about 70-80 PLN for the first show. However, this is a much larger production volume than any part of the original trilogy. For comparison: complete sonic 3 and knuckles 100% takes about 7.5 hours, a sonic mania – 19.5 hours (via

box edition Plus It is much more expensive, but its price still does not exceed 100 PLN. In contrast, the playing time is extended to more than 30 hours if we want to complete the entire game. It’s still a lot longer than it takes to complete the original trilogy.

Sonic DLC Content: Content and … Animation

Of course you can point it out Sonic Origins Not just four remasters, but also quests and tons of other content. The argument would have been valid had it not been for the second issue, which angers the masses. Behind the DLC for Sonic Origins Too many items to include in the base game may have been hidden.

  1. Start Dash Pack Available for free as part of pre-order and offers: 100 coins (to replace life in Anniversary mode and act as a coin to unlock content), mirror mode and unique background Inspired by the SEGA Mega Drive console games.
  2. Premium Fun Pack Ten other background themes are the ability to look around islands from the game’s main menu. In addition, this DLC gives access to eleven more challenging missions and … character animations in the main menu and in the Sound Islands. This last point is a bit ambiguous, but it may simply mean a section for listening to music tracks.
  3. Speaking of this topic, Classical Music Pack It will add 73 tracks from three classic games from the universe sonica: ChaotixAnd Sonic Spinball And 3D Sonic Blast.

Sonic origins and fan reactions

We don’t know the price of any of these add-ons. However, a quick look at steam He reveals that the price difference is not significant: “only” 20 zlotys. Moreover, the first DLCs are available for free – at least for the time being. Another thing is that the demand for PLN 199.99 for this type of group seems to be an overkill.

Anyway, as long as she’s alone Fans welcomed the announcement enthusiastically, so much information about the DLC is little They cooled off Internet users. Some, as it usually happens, react to memes, for example in the topic Advanced Mathematics SEGA when determining the price Sonic Origins. For this “evaluation”, players criticize SEGA, although the need to pay extra for very strange “additions” certainly did not improve the reception of ads.

  1. The irritation is exacerbated by the many ambiguities in the description of these paid add-ons, For example regarding the placement of the mirror. Is it only available as part of the Start Dash Pack, or will it just unlock it immediately (which seems to be a somewhat extended explanation)?
  2. plus card Sonic Origins reveal it The PC version of the game will use Denuvo’s anti-hack protection.

However, so far, some fans are simply happy about the classic Sonic in new clothes (especially the third in the version with Knuckles on consoles). Combined with the cinematic successes, it allows us to believe that the SEGA mascot is returning to a form that the brand has clearly lacked in the past two decades (if not longer).

Let us remind you that it arises New game in the seriesWhich Sonic may have been what it was Epic to Mario and (to a lesser extent) Forgotten Land to Kirby. If we’re still getting any news on this production…

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