January 27, 2023


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[SONDAGE] FEQ Finally Back: What Do You Think About the 2022 Edition?

That’s it: after two years of absence due to an epidemic, the festival D’D de Quebec has finally returned.

Maroon 5, Luke Combs, Hulsey, Alanis Morissette, Louise Fonseca, Rage Against the Machine, Charlotte Cardin, Jack Johnson, Marshmallow, Half Moon Run, Loud and $ uicideboy $: Programming is available to almost everyone.

So what do you think?


Are you satisfied with the 2022 plan of the Festival d’Ate de Quebec?

Very satisfied

Somewhat satisfied

Rather dissatisfied

Very unsatisfactory

Have you purchased your pass yet?


No, but I planned

I will always buy it even if the artists announce it

I will not be going to FEQ this year

Is the series released this Wednesday worth the $ 130 pass price?



Of the performers performing on the plains of Abraham, who do you not want to miss?

Charlotte Cardin – July 6

Jack Johnson – July 7

Luke Combs – July 8

Tuesday July 5 – 9

$ uicideboy $ – July 10

Halsey – July 11

Noise – July 12

Marshmallow – July 13

Louis Fonseca – July 14

Alanis Morissette – July 15

Anger against the machine – July 16

Half Moon Run – July 17