Soldiers are afraid of Microsoft goggles: they glow and make us targets!

In early September, we reported that despite longstanding objections from its employees regarding military procurement, as well as technical issues, Microsoft would finally be supplying the US military. A combat version of its HoloLens technology i.e. Visible Augmentation System (IVAS). Then the Pentagon decided to purchase 5,000 goggles, and at the same time presented “very promising combat tests” and Promising more information after the “final exams” in October.

ivas is HUD screen-based augmented reality glasses, known on the example of combative fightersThey are used to display additional information to pilots on the windshield. The headset applies 3D projections to the real image, which the user can interact with using gestures and voice commands. Soldiers can monitor the surroundings, obtain additional information about them in real time, as well as view all useful data, such as maps, to increase situational awareness.

Or at least in theory, given the many indications that the “final October” tests weren’t doing the best for IVAS — and according to Business Insider, citing a report with comments from the most concerned, soldiers are afraid to use goggles. Presumably the main problem is The headset … lights up outward, making the user an easy target for an enemy, like a sniperEspecially in the dark (IVAS, thanks to its night vision, also provides the ability to see after dark).

Another problem pointed out by testers is The field of view is limited by IVAS glasses, impairing the ability to assess the situationAnd if we add to it Weight that makes it difficult to move, once again back to the point of easy target for the soldiers. However, this is not the end, because some soldiers also experience nausea, headaches and eye fatigue when using goggles. (80% of them have used goggles for less than three hours).

The same Microsoft employee, who decided to comment to Insider, admits this IVAS failed four of the six exams, so they had a lot of work to do. Likewise, Nicholas Gortin, Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation at the Department of Defense, stated that there were many problems with key functionality during the tests and that the level of acceptance by soldiers was low.

However, it should be noted that this does not mean that Microsoft has created junk and that IVAS glasses still have a chance of serving in the military, if only the appropriate corrections are made, but that it will likely enter service later than expected. especially that There are also positive comments, because they spoke in this tone about the headphones, among other things officers of the 75th Ranger RegimentWho praised his navigational abilities above all else – according to platoon commander Sergeant Brian Hyman, the soldiers completed their mission faster thanks to them.

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