We are behind the tenth union party gromda. And the main characters – Matthew Kubiszyn “DON DIEGO” And the Vasil “Vasil” HalicThey lived up to their hopes and delivered one of the best fights in history for Bare Fists!

The fifth and final round, the Unlimited Round, lasted about nine minutes. In the end, DON DIEGO won, even though it was probably his toughest battle with GROMDA. The numbered championship was won by Patrick “Gleba” Tołkaczewski.

GROMDA 10 Gala Championship:

Arkadiusz “RIFLE” Sauter Versus Dennis “Romo” Romick TKO 3 [złamana ręka, nie wyszedł do 4. rundy]Marcin “ŻELO” elechowski opposite Jean “TANK” Solecki TKO 2
Brad “Dalton” Watson Opposite Piotr “BUBU” Ćwik TKO 1
Patrick “Gleba” Tołkaczewski Opposite to Krzysztof “KABAN” Mazurkiewicz TKO 1

Extra battles:
Miłosz “WĄSU” Wąsik vs. Sebastian Skiermansky “Scarface” KO 1
Liam “Dangerous Davies” Davies vs Matthews “Bear” Kubic TKO 4
John “Bad Big John” Ferguson vs. Marcin “Wasilewski” TKO 2

GROMDA Course 10 Final:
Both RIFLE and ŻELO, who won the quarter-finals, reported injuries. That’s why Dalton and Gleba immediately fought in the final battle
Brad “Dalton” Watson vs. Patrick “Gleba” Tołkaczewski TKO 1

Evening Fight – Semi-finals of the Union Belt Championship
Matthew Kubiszyn “DON DIEGO” Wasyl “VASYL” Halycz مقابل TKO 5 [runda nielimitowana czasowo – 8 minut 48 sekund]

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