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So Big Sun: What awaits you in this Wednesday, February 1, 2023 episode?


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Robin’s health is causing great concern. Akhim and Ulises want to meet again after the opening. Alix and Hélène prepare for a new scam.

Robin (Lucas Ivola) is significantly weakened by legionellosis. So During the night the young man almost died of a heart attack. The hospital is on its toes, mobilized to the rescue Son of Ivan (Guillaume Delorme)The new doctor everyone is already connected to. Helen (Sophie Le Delier) And Alix (Nadia Fozier) Organized a new vernissage and fell in love with art dealer Helen. A new scam that could literally revolutionize the art world.

However, nothing would have been possible without Ulysses’ fraudulent skills, and he begins to favor the situation no longer. His delicious meeting with Akim only increases his desire to stop this prosperous but dangerous business. Johanna (Aurore Telplace) Believing more and more in Claudine. Little did she know that the latter was angry with her for having a relationship with Milo Pelletier, whom she desired.She also wants to pay for refusing to associate him with the law firm…

Claudine finally holds the key to her revenge

Robin’s condition worsens, much to the dismay of her parents. Yasmin (Soriya Moufakir) Gerald wonders if he made a mistake during air conditioning maintenance. Milo Pelletier (Gregory Questel) He was in charge of renovating the hospital’s ventilation three years ago, he fears His company bears no responsibility for the life-threatening infection of teenagers. Johanna bequeathed this organ to Claudine (Catherine Wilkening), who may well use it to damage the entrepreneur’s reputation. Way to kill two birds with one stone…

Ulysse and Akim (Malik Elakehal) decide to meet again after spending a great evening together. Ulysses no longer wants to paint fake pictures And is ready to turn a new page in its history. Alix and Hélène offer him a chance, and the young man can deny all the problems in the world.

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