April 1, 2023


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So Big Sun: What awaits you in this Monday, February 27, 2023 episode

Johanna finally breathes, still unaware that her savior and her executioner are the same person. Melissa is in serious money trouble. What prompted him to make a pact with the devil…

Johanna (Auror Delplace) handled the negotiations regarding the compensation to Milo Pelletier. Claudine is all too interested in seeing them break up. Her daughter Sabine, Johanna’s best friend, is aware of Johanna’s problems and has serious suspicions. She knows Claudine (Catherine Wilkening) well It seems that only one who understands what really happened. Robin (Lukas Ivoula) had a terrible time breaking up with Thais (Leila Guirad), which resulted in an accident and hospitalization for him. He now wants to leave the affair and start his life again.

Melissa (Hermine Granville), excited by the opportunities opened up to her by her first photo session with James, spends money she doesn’t have lavishly. She doesn’t heed her new friend’s warnings Inez (Meva El Arouzi).

Johanna breathes, Melissa is in danger

At the Maître Levars office, Robin and her parents are offered €30,000 to end a potential lawsuit against Milo Pelletier. Chloe resists this choice, but she also understands her boy’s point of view. Will the Cressons give up on this harrowing ordeal? Johanna, meanwhile, begins to regain her footing thanks to Claudine. By buying shares in the Lemeur-Gracay firm, the latter allows the young lawyer to reconcile with Milo Pelletier (Gregory Questel). So his maneuver to take control of the law firm is successful. She is the daughter Sabine (Gaëla Le Dévehat) becomes increasingly suspicious of her mother, her sudden empathy…

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Melissa’s boss reveals to her that the Treasury asked Forfeiture of salary for the next 10 months. The young woman who poses naked for James is forced to continue this lucrative activity for him to keep his finances afloat. A plan that neither Enzo (Teilo Azaïs) nor his girlfriend Inès look favorably on. James, moreover, seems to be hatching a more sinister plan… and intends to involve Inès in the affair.