Snoop Dogg at the Bell Center |  Generous gangster party

Snoop Dogg pulled up at the wheel of an awesome retro Chevrolet convertible just before 9pm on Sunday. Lips sealed, surrounded by four dancers — two on the floor, two on poles — and dressed in a Maple Leaf tracksuit, the veteran rapper wasted no time before racking up a series of hits.

A career spanning more than 30 years, a handful of studio albums, countless collaborations and many memorable choruses. Snoop Dogg’s songs are among the deepest of any rapper still active. With a drawn-out performance of Tha Dogg Pound, he performed over 90 minutes of his most cherished pieces and a few surprises.

After Halifax and Quebec, Snoop Dogg and his Angeline pals’ Canadian tour — courtesy of Los Angeles residents — made a stop in Montreal before hitting eight other cities. G-Funk fans made sure to fill the Bell Center for the show. The floor was filled with chairs. They were of little use.

Photo by Charles William Pelletier, special collaboration

Snoop Dogg entered the stage behind the wheel of a retro Chevrolet convertible.

Start the program Next episode And Nuthin but A G” Thang A good way to confirm this. After a series of short extracts of slightly less dizzying hits and then a surprise appearance from the returning The Lady of Rage, Snoop played Lodi Dodi In a better way. Clear words, dull delivery; His homage to the slick rig was impeccable. i want to love youWritten with Econ, beautyDesigned with Farrell, and Sexual explosion Then he made the crowd dance and sing.

After restarting Jump around And More DREDogfather led the way for Tha Dog Pound, who just launched the album WAWG. Made up of Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, the two complement each other as always. Despite the excessive smoke, their voice is the voice of their old records. However, these and their more recent pieces were less known to the crowd that had lost its enthusiasm.

Snoop makes a triumphant return, the sweater on former Canadiens Chris Nilan’s back Drop it like it’s hot And the party started again. Both Das and Kurup were close No fun And Serial kill. There was a change of tone California women, featuring Long Beach MC Katy Perry. was followed PIMPAnother song with Tha Dog Pound, new this time, HypnotizedIn memory of Biggie, and America’s Most Wanted 2In memory of 2Pac.

Photo by Charles William Pelletier, special collaboration

Rapper Snoop Dogg on stage at the Bell Center on Sunday evening

As he noted, it was at the end of the run that Snoop finally asked the audience what is my name They responded in unison: “Snoop Talkie doooooook.” Anthem has 1.4 billion streams on Spotify Young, wild & free was shouted at the top of his lungs.

reminder, Gin and juiceIt didn’t take long to arrive and the canines left, happy that this other artist didn’t cancel his concert like the day before.

Puberty first parties

DJ Quik, a great MC and producer, opens the show at 7:25 pm, but you’ll find the pounding bass and a Flow Immerse yourself in his vast discography spanning over 30 years, the liquid that will color your summer.

“Regulator” Warren G followed with more enthusiasm. A founding member of Snoop’s first group, 213, the rapper is still mastering his bouncy flow. Karaoke of Nate Dogg’s Earworms The Twins backed him up for a moment before delivering his timeless hit. RegulateAs good bye.

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