Smartphone phones and FM radio how to answer

Only about a dozen years ago, FM radio was an integral part of the telephone. Over time, only some budget models were offered with it. Today, you won't find it in Samsung flagships or Chinese flagships. Of course, you can install apps like TuneIn Radio or myTuner Radio with several thousand stations. Moreover, it works not only on smartphones, but also on smart TVs, which we wrote about in more detail here.

However, there are many people who miss the traditional reception. The tool created by enthusiasts from may be useful to them. Every day they try to receive radio stations from distant objects. Thanks to they can boast of their achievements. The tool allows you to remotely control the tuners. Unless the tuner is currently controlled by the owner or another user. If someone wants to send the signal only to themselves (to another device) or to their friends, they can set a password.

Nearly 50 tuners from different continents

Thanks to the tool, you can usually use receivers for approximately fifty users. In Poland they are located, among others, in Warsaw, Poznań, Gostyń, Buk, Ostroda, Tarnowskie Gori and Święci. Many devices can also be found in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. There are links to tuners from Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belarus, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Chile and Australia. Streams work not only in a smartphone browser, but also in a computer.

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After selecting a specific device, you can change the frequencies on it. The play button starts the sound. RDS, signal level information and often the distance from the transmitter are displayed. Some users boast wide range antenna systems. With an enthusiastic tuner from Norway, where most analogue FM broadcasts have been turned off, you can receive stations from Sweden or Denmark, hundreds of kilometers away. Residents of central Poland can easily receive stations from the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

TEF6686 tuners are often used to share stations, but the following devices are also used: TEF6687, XDR-F1HD, XDR-S10HDiP, or XDR-S3HD. Equipment suitable for these purposes can be purchased for 400-500 PLN. Most often, connecting to the Internet is via Wi-Fi. You need an external IP address from your ISP. If it doesn't offer one, you can try configuring it via a VPN tool. It is possible to share the signal via a regular telescopic antenna and a more spacious external antenna, allowing for better results.

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