Slovenes pray for Nikola Grbic to take over in Poland

In Slovenia, they are anxiously looking for the choice of coach for the Polish volleyball team. “It would be difficult for small Slovenia to oppose such a superpower,” wrote

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Nicholas Grbich

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Sebastian Schwederski, the new head of the PZPS, in an interview with RMF FM, indicated the possibility of hiring Nikola Grbic for the position of director of the Polish men’s national team. – I’m like that. Of course, I do not close myself to other candidates – emphasized (more here).

As it turns out, they keep their fingers crossed on 48-year-old Grbic in…Slovenia. “Who doesn’t remember how the very strong (read: rich) German national team drew prominent Italian expert Andrea Gianni after our first historic silver medal for our volleyball players (at the 2015 European Championships), and now Slovenian volleyball fans fear that something like this could happen.” Once again with the current coach Alberto Giuliani “- confirms the portal

In Slovenia, they pray for Grbi to become the new coach of the White Reds. “It may happen that Grbić, who won the Champions League with ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, will take over after Vital Heinen and save us from fighting the Poles for Giuliani. (…) It will be difficult for small Slovenia to oppose such a superpower as Poland”- adds.

The 56-year-old Giuliani, who won silver with Slovenia at this year’s European Championships, completed his contract and already bid farewell to the team. According to reporters, the Italian has not yet spoken with members of the Slovenian Federation about a possible new agreement. Slovenes are only concerned about the fact that Giuliani is among the candidates for the Polish national team.

This is the main candidate to take over the Polish volleyball players. Talking about the idea of ​​the frame

Watch the video: Netizens rub their eyes. What did the Polish star do?!

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