Slovenes best in experimental series, Poland 5th

The Slovenian team turned out to be the best in the series of trials before the team competition at the World Championships on the big hill (HS138) in Planica. Norway is ranked second and third by Austria. On the individual level, Timmy Zajc achieved the highest score (135.5m).

In the series of tests, the Slovenes (337.2 points) advanced over Norway, which ranked second (316.8 points), by 20.4 points, and lost 21.8 points over Norway (316.8 points). Austria ranked third (315.4 points). Germany ranked fourth (310.1 points). The Poles ranked fifth (300.3 points), with a loss of 15.1 points. to the platform.

The best individually was Timi Zajc (135.5m), ahead of Anze Lanisk (136.5m) and Stefan Kraft (134m). Fourth was Halvor Egner Granerud (133.5m) and fifth was Johann Andre Furfang (127m).

The next positions were taken by Ryoyu Kobayashi (133m) and Karl Geiger (131.5m). Eighth place was won by Kamil Stoch (127.5m), Daniel Chovenig (122m) and Markus Eisenbichler (127m) completing the top ten.

Daoud Kobacki finished twelfth with a result of 128.5 metres. Alexander Zniskyzol (123m) was 22, and Piotr Shea (125.5m) was 24.

The pilot series ran from tapes 13 and 14.

The competition starts at 16:30. Broadcasting takes place on TVN, Eurosport 1 and

You can follow the results “live” via LIVE Berkutschi >>


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