Slovakia.  The D3 motorway to Poland was closed earlier due to a contract with a film crew

The D3 motorway to Poland in Slovakia has been closed from Monday to August 31 by the National Highway Agency of Slovakia. At the press conference, it was announced that the renovation of the road from the previously planned autumn will be postponed due to an agreement with a foreign film crew.

Drivers who plan to travel from Poland via the S1 connecting road to the D3 in Slovakia must use the detours via the I/12 road. Vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tons cannot be entered. Those traveling from Slovakia to Poland should do the same. For them, a detour along I/11 leads towards Český Těąín through the villages of Svrczinovec and Zatky.

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Service repairs to the D3 motorway are scheduled for the fall. Autostrada provided detailed information on necessary inspections and possible repairs, also in the Polana, Sverczynovic and Bovsky Chelmik tunnels.

The D3 motorway to Poland has been closed due to a contract with the film crew

At a press conference in جيلilina, northwest Slovakia, on Monday afternoon, it was announced that due to the rescheduling of repairs, it would be possible for a foreign film crew to use the roads.

The directors will take 7-10 days to shoot. Subsequently, the highway will be at the disposal of road workers.

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The representative of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Zuzana Belikova, told reporters that filmmakers are ready to leave 800,000 jobs in Slovakia. up to 5 million euros. She did not reveal the title of the film, the name of the producer and the country from which the producers came.

The box boasts a list of films made in Slovakia, including The Peacemaker, the Doctor Zhivago series, and Frankenstein.

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