December 6, 2022


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slag.  We got to know the types of experts.  Won't the mover even get a bonus point in Czestochova?

slag. We got to know the types of experts. Won’t the mover even get a bonus point in Czestochova? Włókniarz Częstochowa’s meeting with Motor Lublin will be the hit of round 13 of the PGE Ekstraliga. The experts involved in Type WP SportoweFakty are anticipating the first defeat of the Lublin Nationals, perhaps without a bonus point.

Simon Michalsky

Jaroslav Humpel in the lead

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Janecki / Pictured: Jaroslav Humble in the lead

We would like to remind you that Motor Lublin did better in the first game of both teams, winning only 47:43. So the bonus point status is open. Some of our experts are betting on the victory of Włókniarz Częstochowa with a bonus. Only Jacek Frątczak, who had predicted the victory of the locals, broke away.

In the first Sunday match of PGE Ekstraliga Moje Bermuda, Stal Gorzów will host Fogo Unia Leszno. Although the match will be difficult, according to our experts, the hosts will score three points (in the first game 46:44 for Al-Ittihad).

Games should end at the lower levels of competition without surprises. Aforti Start Gniezno will face Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra in the eWinner 1. Liga. A possible victory for the local population may be a sensation, but none of the participants in our game believes in such a scenario. In Bydgoszcz, Abramsek Bologna Take a weak team via MF Landshut Devils. A team aspiring to ride in the PGE Ekstraliga should not have any major problems defeating the team from Germany, as evidenced by expert types.

Two matches will be played in Speedway II League. It is possible that we will face massacres at the end of the main round. SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna will compete with Unia Tarnów, and Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz with Budmax-Stal Polonia Piła. The victories of the guests in these clashes are impossible.

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Gniezno – Zielona Gora Bydgoszcz – Landshut Pozna – Tarnow Rawicz – Bayaa Gorzow – Liszno Shestochova – Lublin
Krzysztof Siegelski 38:52 51:39 56:34 59:31 47:43 48:42
Marek Celak 42:48 52:38 53:37 60:30 47:43 50:40
Robert Doohan 35:55 53:37 56:34 56:34 48:42 47:43
Jacek Frątczak 40:50 53:37 52:38 60:30 47:43 44:46
Jaroslav Galewski 40:50 55:35 55:35 60:30 49:41 48:42
Thomas’s Globe 42:48 48:42 50:40 52:38 47:43 46:44
Marcin Majowski 39:51 55:35 59:31 60:30 49:41 47:43
Marta Butorak 41:49 51:39 53:37 59:31 49:41 48:42
Ireneos Zmora 39:51 52:38 53:37 61:29 49:41 48:42

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