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The day before the start of the transfer window was very busy for the Polish motor racing authorities, who have officially published the championship rules for next season. There have also been some interesting changes.

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Artiom Łaguta in front of Bartosz Zmarzlik

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In recent years, it has become customary that on the eve of the transition period, that is, on October 31, the Polish highway authorities published an official list of regulations for the next year.

It was no different this time. Some changes have been officially confirmed, and some haven’t been discussed at all in recent weeks.

advance contracts

As announced, the Polish motor racing authorities have officially confirmed the possibility of concluding advance contracts that can be initialed for a maximum of six seasons.

See PGE Ekstraliga magazine. Murawski and Puka are Musiał . guests

This contract can be released from June 15 of a particular season – for a player who does not have a valid contract or for a period not exceeding 135 days before the expiry date of the contract – for a player with a valid contract – until October 31 of a particular season.

Breaking such a pre-contract may be very noticeable to motorcyclists, because they are threatened, among other things, by the possibility of a suspension from driving in our country for the period specified in the pre-contract. Kara could also meet the club which would change their mind about cooperating. Then he must pay the player half a million zlotys net for each season covered by the initial contract.

The announcement of such an agreement will be possible only after confirmation by the relevant administrative entity.

“Green light” for the Russians!

The Polish Automobile Federation has included a new point in the rules for club membership in motorcycle racing in Chapter Two: “Sporting licenses”. It was informed that in special circumstances, the PZM may establish individual rules for issuing a license to a person with Polish citizenship and citizenship in a country whose FMN has been suspended (in whole or in part) or excluded by the FIM.

In practical terms, this means that Artiom Łaguta, Emil Sajfutdinow and Andrei Kudriaszow can officially prepare to return to the league tracks in Poland.

Replace a player for the better only

A very important change to the eWinner regulations for Speedway 1 and Speedway 2 leagues. Starting from the new season, clubs will be able to apply the requirement to substitute a player not for three players, but only for one passenger on the highway with a single average (SI) in the composition of the club staff in effect on the date of the competition, determined in accordance with the rules laid down in the Special Provisions with a specific season.

Eighth player in the second league

We’ve been reporting for some time now that with the 2023 MotoGP season, there will be a clause that requires a player up to 24 years old. This is not the only new thing, as authorities have reported that second-tier clubs will also be able to source an eighth player. Here, however, it will be possible for a player up to 23 years old, which is the same as in PGE Ekstriga and eWinner in League One.

Two changes when touching the bar

In qualifying number: 1, 3-15, when the competitor with the initial number 1-5 or 9-13 touches the bar, the competitor with the number 6, 7, 14 or 15 can start his place. After running in the green light hit the conveyor belt, then the next stage of the run was held in a three-person team.

Now, if this competitor is also disqualified from touching the motorcycle’s starting machine belt, a second replacement can be introduced to restart. Any substitute indicated above is always a standard reserve, regardless of the type of player’s excluded reserve and the provisions of the Article. 720 paragraph 4 and art. 83 Section 4.

More foreign leagues

As announced, the league limit for players who sign contracts in Poland has also been increased. This is very good news not only for international stars, who sometimes had to choose between the British League and the Swedish League, or give up one of them to conclude a contract, for example in Denmark, as was the case with Tai Woffinden. It’s also a positive change for younger motorcyclists who race, for example, in the U-24 Ekstraliga.

Emil Breum’s good results in competition for motorcyclists up to the age of 24 resulted in a contract in the main team of ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz. This, in turn, forced him to abandon leadership in Sweden or Denmark, where extremists can only own one foreign club.

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