slag.  There is new information about the health of Grzegorz Walasek.  That's not good

It was a pity that the match between Petard Sparta Wroclaw and Argide Mallissa Ostrow (54:36) in favor of Grzegorz Walasek ended. A player from PGE Ekstraliga, a newcomer, had an accident, after which he was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, an infection was found there.

Matthews Makuch

Grzegorz Walasek and Michał Curzytek . accident

WP SportoweFakty / Łukasz Kuczera / Pictured: The Grzegorz Walasek and Michał Curzytek accident

According to WP SportoweFakty, a broken collarbone was diagnosed in hospital at Grzegorz Walasek Hospital. At the moment it is not known how long the break will last in the beginnings of an experienced highway rider, but it sure is a huge blow to arcade Mallisa Ostro. Walasek has been doing well since the start of the season and alongside Chris Holder was a key figure in Marius Staszewski’s team.

According to our information, the club official from Zielona Góra will remain for some time in one of the Wrocław hospitals, where he will undergo additional tests. Hopefully they don’t show more injuries.

The situation in which Grzegorz Walasek suffered occurred in the eighth race of the day. Then, shortly after the start, rider Arged Malesa commented on the young host, Michał Curzytek, on a motorcycle. Wallacek did not have a chance to respond. He flew over the steering wheel and hit the track hard. The force of the blow was very high and there were immediately concerns about the health of the newcomer PGE Ekstraliga player.

The match ended with the hosts winning by 54:36, but until the eleventh race inclusive, the guests bravely faced them. Weakened by the lack of Grzegorz Walasek, they could not keep up with the Polish champions (read the report – >>).

Our reports about the health of Grzegorz Walasek have been officially confirmed by the club from Ostrów in their social media.

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