slag.  The new competitor, Apator, has an important role to play.  This is what Savina commented on

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We are just hours away from the first race for league points. The opening of the PGE Ekstraliga season is scheduled for Saturday in Toruń. This is what the hosts said before meeting the runner-up from Gorzów.

For Nature Solutions KS Apatora Toruń will start off with Stala Gorzów League Round in the PGE Ekstraliga.

The home team is the favorite to race at Motuarina, though local Angels fans worry about Bowie Przydbinski’s racing stance and Patrick Dudek’s racing underdog.

We believe in our players. It’s the start of the season and it’s hard to say they’re in good shape. We’ve seen their preparations for this season and there’s no doubt about us – Toruń coach Robert Sawina said during a press conference on Friday afternoon.

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He was also a little surprised by his choice of starting numbers. To many fans’ surprise, the Angels’ newest addition, Wiktor Leopard, was just under thirteen years old. He will start with Emil Syfutdinov, but will have to deal with rookies on two occasions.

– If someone followed the lineups from last season, they noticed that I am not a supporter of preparing the lineup and sticking to it from start to finish. Depending on the players’ form and needs, there will be a rotation of numbers. At the moment, Wiktor has thirteen years old, and what will happen next, we’ll see, – the coach explained.

For Wiktor Lampart, the performance in Saturday’s match will be a first in terms of performance. Many of his peers candidly say they don’t feel much difference other than being outside the under-21 race.

“I don’t think about it, and I actually like it a bit because I have more races in the programme. I also don’t have second and fourth, for example, but third and formula. There is more time to think about the settings,” said the Rzeszów resident.

Lampart’s results so far have shown that Motoarena im. Marian Rose suits him. He also confirmed this with good results in sparring, but during the PGE IMME he scored only five points, defeating: Robert Lambert, Chris Holder, Martin Vaculik and Leon Madsen – during the competition I lost a little with motorcycle settings. “Otherwise, it was just fine,” added the 22-year-old.

In recent days, the coaches and track officials had a lot of work to do, because the weather surprised the motorcyclists a bit. “It’s a difficult situation because most of the time it’s freezing at night, so getting ready for the track is very difficult. We don’t have excess moisture, because we have a track under the roof, but the surface dries up, so we have to pour that water in order to ride. And if we have it Low temperatures, it is known that we cannot pour it, because we will freeze. Sawina said: We have to find a solution so that the track does not collapse, and if there is no water, it will not stick.

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