slag.  Swedish GP.  Łaguta: Partek won in Mallilla, maybe I will win in Russia and we will fight like this until the end!
Artiom Łaguta had another impressive performance in the Grand Prix, although he may feel a bit unhappy that he ultimately failed to beat Mallilla. But the Russian does not lose confidence and is satisfied with his position.

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Artiom Łaguta

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Artiom Łaguta was among the best in the world for years, but in principle he was not able to show his full skills at the Grand Prix. For now, everything indicates that it will be a great year for the Russian, who, along with Bartosz Zmarzlik, has clearly separated from the rest of the share in the general classification.

It seemed for a long time that after the end of the tournament in Mallilla, the Betard Sparta Wrocław player would sit in the tournament leader’s chair, because he was once again impressed by his speed and efficiency. In the end, he stayed in second place.

– Of course, there is joy, despite my regrets about losing in the final. However, I scored significant points in it, because I passed Fredrik Lindgren on the road. This is my sixth final in a row, and I’m also happy – I admitted Agota in an interview with Canal +.

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– Now Partek has won before me. In Russia I will probably win again, he will be second and we will fight like this until the end! – added.

The current season is going well for Lagota. In the end, he seriously joined the fight for the IMŚ medal and, in the opinion of many experts, had the best equipment in the entire field. However, he himself claims that he has not made any major changes.

– Nothing happened at all. I prepared for this season as well as for the previous one. I’ve always known that the Grand Prix is ​​a tough competition and you have to fight hard for every point, but I just wanted to get to the point where I’d be better and better, so I think everything is still ahead of me – he said in an interview with ukasz Benz.

The Russian also admitted that he had no intention of changing his driving style due to the chance of winning the IMŚ title. – I want to be a fast, good Artyom that leaves room for the players. I know I have to ride hard, but also fair, because everyone has their own life and family. Little by little, you might be able to have something nice this year – said Artiom Łaguta at the end.

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