slag.  Skrzydlewski regarding negotiations with Becker.  They wanted to take it away from us.  I set one condition.

Luke Becker remains at Orle for another season. Witold Skrzydlewski does not hide that there were many clubs that wanted to get the American out of ód. – It was fine. Money was not the most important thing – says the main patron of the eagle.

Jaroslav Galewski

Luke Baker

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The arrest of the American, who was one of the revelations of the 2021 season on the eWinner tracks of League One, is a huge success for FC Lodz. And so Luke Becker joined forces with Brady Kurtz, who had already announced that he would sign the contract with Eagle in the November window.

– The competition wanted to snatch him from us, but he turned out to be a gentleman. Money was not the most important thing to him. The atmosphere was what mattered. Besides, he made one condition. The coach should go to the hairdresser. I don’t know if this will happen, but the most important thing is that the word is spoken and remains. After all, we can let the coach go, tell Luke that there is a pandemic, so there are long queues – Witold Skrzydlowski said at Thursday’s press conference.

– I happened to be at the hairdresser yesterday, but he was only taking care of my beard. There wasn’t enough time for poetry, Adam Skórnicki said. – I am very happy, Luke is staying with us. This year he had an average of 1,857. If he keeps it, we will be very happy. However, we know it has potential and may improve that result – coach Orzel admitted.

Watch the video highway. What is the engine configuration for next season? The club president took the floor!

The player also expressed his satisfaction with the extension of cooperation. I am happy to be part of this club last season. In Lodz, everything suits me. I felt great on this track. All the people involved in the club’s work were fine with me. I’m glad I got such an opportunity from them and that I’ll be able to compete here next season – the American admitted.

Greg Hancock, who supports the development of the young player, also played an important role in Becker’s stay in ód. – As his guardian, he came to the conclusion that it would be better to be promoted to the First Division with our club. I’m very grateful to him for being more than just money,” Skrzydlewski explained.

Orzel will soon want to announce more players who will be associated with the club for the 2022 season. – We are still talking to the motorcyclists who have partnered with us this year. We analyze the matches they missed and what can be done to help them perform better. If we find that there is no chance of progressing somewhere, we will be interested in outdoor motorcyclists – explained Skórnicki.

So how many transfers are Lodz planning? – I think we will need one or two players, but now other clubs are coming out on top. Offers on crazy papers. We love the craziness, but in sports, not necessarily at the cash register – Orzel’s coach summed up.

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