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The past weeks have not been very successful for Fallopaz Zielona Gora. The club is not impressive in the eWinner 1 competitions. LŻ To make matters worse, activists now and then almost learn about the possible departure of another key player.

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Another player after Max Fricke, Mateusz Tonder and Piotr Protasiewicz, who will probably not represent the next team from Zielona Góra next year, is Jan Kvech. The Czech presented himself brilliantly during the recent Speedway of Nations Final, which only confirmed the notes collected during eWinner’s first-league matches. Now the 21-year-old can choose between performances.

At this point, the For Nature Solutions activists of Apator Toruń, who are constantly looking for a replacement in a competitive position up to 24 years, are putting the greatest pressure on the transfer of this player. Toruń has a few candidates for the U24 team, but none of them can match Kvech’s skills and experience.

At the moment, the parties are still after preliminary talks, but it can already be said that such a transfer is highly likely. No one in PGE Ekstraliga is able to provide the Czechs with such good conditions for development. The Apator authorities intend to offer Kvech good financial conditions and, most importantly, a certain place in the squad and the opportunity to gain experience in the best Speedway league in the world. In any other team of PGE Ekstraliga, Kvech would have to compete for a place in the team and would have much less chance of playing regularly.

However, this is not the end of the transfer of feelings in Apator, because the future of the Jack Holder and Pawe Przedpełski duo is not yet settled. Both players have excellent performances from other teams, and their conversations in Toruń are a bit longer and it’s hard to decide which one is closer to staying in the current workplace.

Interest in Jan Kvech on the part of Apator makes it unlikely that the young competitor will remain at Zielona Góra for next season. This is a big blow before the most important matches that will be the bet for the return of the elite. However, this does not have to be the end of the bad news, as Krzysztof Buczkowski also talks to other clubs all the time. So it may turn out that in the absence of a promotion, Fallopaz will face an all-out revolution, and the only bigger player to remain at the club for next season may be Rohan Tonget.

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