slag.  Controversies in Chistochova.  Liszk Demsky dispels doubts

The referees’ decisions from round 14 of the match Włókniarz Częstochowa vs Moje Bermuda Stalą Gorzów (42:48) sparked a lot of controversy. Leszek Demsky, head of the governors of the highway, expressed his opinion on this matter.

Simon Michalsky

Kacper Woryna (in a blue helmet) and Leon Madsen

WP SportoweFakty/Patrick Kowalski/Pictured: Kacper Woryna (in blue helmet) and Leon Madsen

Hardly anyone expected such a settlement in Chistoshova. Before the races nominated for, Włókniarz was losing 37:41. Then, in the 14th race, Kacper Woryna fell on Turn One.

The hosts’ hosts knowledge of the path surface after communicating with Szymon Woźniak. Judge Piotr Lis decided to allow all four players to be allowed to repeat.

– Szymon Woźniak was a little off step, but I would like to note Kacper Woryna’s bet on Szymon Woźniak and the change of course – Leszek Demski analyzed in PGE Ekstraliga magazine. – The person could have been found guilty in this situation, but it would be very good to repeat the race in the full group, because we would have an unnecessary discussion whether it was a rider in a yellow helmet for elimination or a competitor in a blue helmet. It’s not the judge’s fault, but if we are to point out, Kacper Woryna is more to blame than Szymon Woźniak – the head of the Highway Governors added.

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In the second batch of the first round, Kacper Woryna fell again. This time the Włókniarz player fought for the position with Patrick Hansen. Pewter Lees was disqualified by Bermuda Moga player Staly Gorzo from repetition, which resonates widely.

– Kacper Woryna saw that he was already overtaken by Patrick Hansen, began to reach out to the opponent and bet. In my opinion, Kacper Woryna was left out – said Leszek Demski.

In the end, lost Włókniarz 42:48 and will face For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń in the bronze match. In return, Moje Bermuda Stal will fight for gold with Motor Lublin. The first meetings are scheduled for September 11.

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