slag.  Collegars in the most important matches without his leader.  Has Sparta got its way?

This year there was a misunderstanding between the activists of Kolejarz Opole and Sparta Wrocław, and the first result of this event was the withdrawal from cooperation in the U24 Ekstraliga matches. However, the “sanctions” imposed on the residents of Opole may be much more serious.

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Bartłomiej Kowalski (left) and Tai Woffinden

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / Pictured: Bartłomiej Kowalski (left) and Tai Woffinden

Since July, the Betard Sparta Wrocław team in Ekstraliga U24 is already playing at the Olympic Stadium, and since then Bartłomiej Kowalski has not played in the OK Bedmet Kolejarza Opole team. Before the season, Junior signed a contract in Opole as a guest and was the captain of this team that activists used in the most important matches.

In July, the situation complicated and Kowalski stopped appearing at the Colliers matches. However, the situation is not clear, because the Kolejarz authorities sent a request to make the player available for the last match against Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz, but they refused. Then the Spartan authorities pointed out the difficulty of placing the staff and stated that they could not risk any further problems. At that time, the residents of Opole did not panic and used the situation to test other solutions.

However, the lack of one of the best Polish juniors was very noticeable and it is clear that if the inhabitants of Opole wanted to count in the fight for promotion to eWinner in the first league, then in the play-offs from the second league, they should use this player. However, the problem is that no one in Opole is able to predict how the inhabitants of Wroclaw will behave. At the moment, we almost certainly won’t see Kowalski in the next match against Optipt Lokomotiv Daugavpils in Ok Bidmit Colliers Opole colours.

– We knew from the start that when Sparta was promoted to the playoffs, we’d prefer not to be able to use Kowalski’s assist. So we have agreed that Jakob Krausek will replace this player in the upcoming matches. The situation has nothing to do with previous disagreements with the Wroclaw club – the president of Opole, Zygmunt Dziemba, admits.

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We asked the Wroclaw club about a possible solution to this issue, but the representatives of Sparta responded evasively.

Bartek Kowalski focuses mainly on the start in the Betard Sparta colors, because we know very well what goals lie ahead and how important the matches are at the moment. The decision as to whether to additionally participate in any competitions will be made by our coaching staff on an ongoing basis. Darius led and his companions are closely monitoring the situation and interacting regularly. Each of us is also aware of the number of responsibilities that Bartek has apart from PGE Ekstraliga and this too is always taken into account – explained Adrian Skubis, Communications Board Adviser.

In the first match of the semi-finals, Opol Lokomotiv will face Daugavpils on the rival track next Sunday. The rematch will take place a week later, the same weekend that Petard will face Sparta Wroclaw on Włókniarz Częstochowa. The lack of Kowalski may frustrate the efforts of the inhabitants of Opole for a year, because it is hard to doubt that Jakob Krause will be able to move forward well.

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