slag.  Chief Betard Sparta talks about the sin of pride, the transfer of Łaguta and the great contribution of Hancock

Betard Sparta Wrocław’s team has finally implemented its boss’ plan. Andrzej Rusko had been in pursuit of gold for several years, but the Leszno Union was most often on the way. This season, the plan was one hundred percent successful.

Matthews Makuch

Andrzej Rusko, President of Betard Sparta Wrocław

WP SportoweFakty / Katarzyna Łapczyńska / Pictured: Andrzej Rusko, President of Betard Sparta Wrocław

The fact that President Andrei Roscoe could not wait for the Wroclaw team to return to the throne of the championship is no secret. – I remember how we were champions in 2017, after ten races, after fifteen, Unia Leszno got gold medals – I called Betard Sparta boss Wrocław in front of the nSport + cameras.

On Sunday, the Wroclaw team put an “i” in the PGE Ekstraliga final. Pittard Sparta beat Lublin Motors 50:40 and won the title of the best team in the country. The crown of the championship returns to the capital of Lower Silesia after 15 years. – I think I was waiting for not only this medal, but all the fans and sponsors in Wroclaw. We are all happy, but most of all I am very happy that we were able to give this medal to the fans, the sponsors and the city. The weather on the motorway in Wroclaw is really great and I think this medal is the culmination of the work of the past seven years. At that time, we were in the play-offs all the time, we won medals, but the most important thing was still missing – Andrzej Rusko commented.

The key to success was an even team. We have chosen each player very carefully. This team is not just a team, it is a group of friends. We don’t have one competitor at one end of the parking lot and one at the other. Although they compete with each other in the Grand Prix, they are friends during league matches, telling each other and revealing secrets – continued the president of the Wrocław club.

Watch the video “Bewley, what are you doing!” Watch Betard Sparta’s insane race in the PGE Ekstraliga Final!

So far, one element was missing in the Wroclaw team. This season showed that he was Artiom Łaguta. Puzzles put together. – We waited for Artiom for two years. The second thing, that Artyom was not a random man. Macic and Tai accepted it. They are open people. They know their value and do not need to prove it. I was also worried that despite all this, something might not turn on. I knew Artiom comes from a completely different team, as he was required to get points back. What we were interested in was to go as a team, to help a fellow on the track and Artiom had to switch – commented on the hiring of Russian Andrzej Rusko.

He noted that having such a galaxy of stars on the team as Łaguta, Tai Woffinden and Maciej Janowski needed a character who would control all this and relieve some of the duties of coach Dariusz Śledzio. Hence the idea of ​​hiring four-time singles world champion Greg Hancock on the coaching staff.

– Looking for a way out, and wondering who could be the authority for this group of players, Greg Hancock appeared. I think that’s a character who accelerated the development of players like Dan Beoli and Gleb Kezogono for two or three years. It helps them a lot. It must also be said that there was help for the whole team from the teams of Maciek, Artiom and Taia. Jacek Trojanovsky, Rafai Hadj, Raphael Loecke – these are the people who have also given a lot to this team, especially those who do not have such intense teams yet – said Andrei Roscoe, who noted that only one person within the Wroclaw team could realize the question of how much The effort it took to get the gold.

Ultimately, it alluded to the early 1990s, when Sparta dominated for three seasons with Tommy Knudsen as leader. In the years 1993-1995, gold belonged to the inhabitants of Wroclaw. Later, Andrzej Rusko noticed his mistakes.

Perhaps in the nineties I committed the sin of pride. After three consecutive Polish championships, I started dreaming of a world championship as an individual. Hence Piotr Protasiewicz in 1996 and the Junior World Championships. I slightly overlooked the importance of the team medal. Later, there were a lot of knocking on the door, many times a struggle for everything, and yet he escaped somewhere – frankly admitted when visiting nSport+ magazine.

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